Repurposing old offices, where do we start?

‘While not every single building can be reused, many have the structural integrity and flexibility to be converted’

Obviously disappointed to see nothing explicit in yesterday's Labour Manifesto about the potential of our existing buildings - but there are some clear threads to pull together to suggest re-use will be an increasingly acceptable pathway for propcos to take:

"Labour will get Britain building again... with 1.5 million new homes over the next parliament" - a report on behalf of @Habitat for Humanity puts the number of vacant commercial buildings owned by councils in England, Scotland and Wales at 7,000, with the potential to create over 16,000 homes; and estimates there are 165,000 privately-owned commercial and business premises likewise empty – also with potential for re-purposing;

"Labour will take a brownfield first approach, prioritising the development of previously used land wherever possible" - existing buildings must be seen as 'brownfield plus' - their retention avoids creating the fresh carbon emissions of new-build;

"Labour will make the UK the green finance capital of the world, mandating UK-regulated financial institutions – including banks, asset managers, pension funds, develop and implement credible transition plans that align with the 1.5°C goal of the Paris Agreement" - upstream regulation could support a better built environment by unlocking money for different ideas of 'development' - including low-carbon re-use.

Our piece in EG today looks at - as repurposing the UK's distressed office stock becomes a real priority - where do we start?

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